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Certain specialties come in many venues.  For these areas of expertise, they normally come under the behavioral sciences.  Specialties such as motivational speakers, team building outings, soft skills and emotional intelligence are under this umbrella.  Are you asking if we are opposed to such technics?  No.  They have their place depending upon the state of your business.  Many times these specialists will be aimed at the human resources department and then the executive board.  Effectives can be measurable in some areas.  But questions must be asked: 

A Plan to Work With a Wide Range of Industries

Computer Science, Medical, Teaching and Auto Repair

The discipline that enables the knowledge based economy. From large-scale defense projects to desktop applications, ACS Group has a specialist that can help assess your skill needs in your environment and business language.

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Help us fulfill our mission to train diverse and talented professionals. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, donors
and partners get the maximum allowable tax benefits. There is no hiding or hoarding of millions of
dollars like high profile Private Foundations or unknown Endowments for the elite.
Our country has many geniuses that are unclaimed and not adding to the great accomplishments that
has made America the Leader in Technology and Science.

Your donation goes vs go to ACS Group’s Future Human Capital Investments.

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