Veterans are a small and often forgotten part of the United States of America. Their services are seen in the purity of heart and sacrifice of blood in the red stripes in our nation’s flag.

Therefore, I know first-hand what it is like to experience what many other veterans have gone through on the road to rehabilitation.


“Dedicated to the Men and Women that Have and Are Serving the United States of America”

Military Seals

It is common to see the discounting of skills and outward rejection from some companies. It is disheartening to see how age discrimination was at work against more seasoned veterans. An example was exhibited during a local Job Fair that targeted Veterans. The recruiter was a young veteran that made it quite clear that a major financial service he represented was only looking for younger veterans.

Like my congressional representative, a senator, and previous senatorial candidate, they are silent on needed changes for fear of losing funding from the very organizations that keep them in office. These elected legislators have no shame to stand for PR photos for the few that make it through the fine sieve of selection.

Having been to our elected officials’ veterans help sessions, it is evident these vendors are looking for free labor. External organizations offer little to help because it is the Veterans Administration that has primary responsibility. These organizations feel financial resources should all come from government organizations for private benefit.

Having talked with national and local veterans’ head officials, one is an avid advocate for veteran employment, and another feels manual labor is the best he can do for enlisted personnel, our non-veteran employers discount veterans’ skills and dedication. Other well-meaning groups help but still present the image of a broken body and soul.

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