Veterans are a small and often forgotten part of the United States of America whose services are seen in the purity of heart and sacrifice of blood of the red stripes in our nation’s flag. They are a resource that is too easily labeled broken and disposable. “Thank you for your service” means little for the human resources departments that screen veterans out. Many a veteran has commented on leadership when they see non-veterans promoted and less skilled.

Veterans in Our Job System

"Dedicated to the Men and Women that Have and Are Serving the United States of America "

As a disabled veteran, I am one of only about 40% of Chapter 31 and 32 veterans that have completed any program, let alone a graduate program. Therefore, I know first hand what it is like to experience what many other veterans do.

Having worked at both administrative and health facilities, I have seen what complacency exists in some and the dedication in others that persevere. Having served and worked beside many disciplined veterans, I help them translate their skills to the civilian world. It is not a problem to find veterans that do have a needed skill or attribute for a program. During a Veterans target Job Fair, it was quite clear that a major financial service was only looking for younger veterans.

Another national company boasts of its high percentage of veterans and also has specific funnelling language for selection. Some past employees, educated and state certified, stated it was a kind of prison.

Many changes are needed and changes need to be in place to help. Yet, like my congressional representative, a senator, senatorial candidate, they are silent on needed changes for fear of losing funding from the very funding that keeps them in office. But they will stand for PR photos for the few that make it through the fine sieve of selection. I have been to the so-called veterans help sessions. These vendors are looking for free labor or can do little to help because it is the Veterans Administration that is responsible. 

Having talked with a national and local veterans’ head official, one is an advocate and another is helping but feels manual labor is the best he can do for enlisted personnel. Other well-meaning groups help but still have the image of a broken body and soul.

The ACS Group knows there are many veterans that are willing to be viable contributors. Please help the ACS Group help these veterans where others have failed.

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