Technology & Scientists

A Path to Regaining American Success

Much of our lives are dependent upon technologies. From phones, that are mobile media studios and computers that also make calls, TVs, cars, microwaves and watches, Technologies make it happen. It is big business and trade secrets are as valuable as military secrets. Americans are the most documented people in the world and therefore, have the greatest accountability. That is why our jobs should be filled with Americans.

Jobs in Technology & Science (STEM)

Security of technologies and research is a major problem within the United States. Recent events of having foreign students scraping valuable research information from our industrial complexes and research institutions, while officials look on as if all is innocent, should be cause for alarm.


Many of our Veterans have been trained on technologies that are in use today. Our Men and Women Veterans that have worked in fields that require high levels of security, are good candidates that have documented security profiles.

Technology Skills Needed

The numbers of needed specialties in technologies greatly outstrips supply and there is no  quick fix. Some of the needs are listed below.

Approximate Needs for the Next 10 Years (2020-2030):

  • Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers over 189,000
  • Software Developers over 189,000
  • Security Management Specialists over 141,000
  • Computer User and Support Specialists over 54,000
  • Computer Systems Analysts over 47,000
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers over 42,000
  • Information Security Engineers over 37,000
  • Security Penetration Testers over 37,000
  • Training and Development Specialists over 35,000
  • Computer Security Analysts over 16,000
  • Computer Network Support Specialists over 15,000
  • Database Administrators over 14,000
  • Telecommunication Information Specialists over 11,000
  • Business Intelligence Analysts over 7,000

As can be seen, this small list has over 83,000 positions needed per year, with a minimum attainment at the four-year level (Baccalaureate). Added to the other positions, it is well over 100,000 graduates per year needed, and remember, this is only an abbreviated list of dozens of other specialties needed in our ever expanding tech world.

Legacy Systems

Only a few businesses have a succession program for legacy employees to upgrade. Resources are few, or non-existent, for reverse compatibility projects that have upcoming technologists integrated into conversions. Dedicated facilities, legacy professionals, with a heart for helping other, and coordinated timelines are needed. As an example, Arizona delayed addressing a support shortfall in a mainframe legacy system for one of the largest agencies until 2014.

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