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No longer will a toy manufacturer be promoting the Barbie phrase that “Math is hard”. Women are increasingly being innovators in science and technology. Like the women that worked on complex mathematical problems for NASA, Elizabeth Rather helped develop the Forth computer language. Dixie Lee Ray, PhD is a leading physicist that headed the US Department of Energy and spearheaded a scientific meeting of the minds to show environmentalist and nuclear energy advocates they were not that far apart.

The Need for Jobs in Technology & Science (STEM)

It was always a pleasure to see an elementary school teacher involved in teaching about the atmospheric sciences, or basic inclined plane principles. More teachers are needed to supplant the science principles needed for interest, application and progression into the sciences.

Previous work in technology found the good-ole-boy system in place 40 years ago and apparently alive and well today in acknowledgement and compensation. There are talented women that can cut their teeth on the mathematics and sciences if they have the support, encouragement and opportunity. It is more than a home support issue; it is also overcoming a cultural issue. Although it may seem small by percent, the greater number of women in the United States is directly translating into more women in the science fields.

Once the dominant country in science and technology innovation, we have been ceding this leadership over the past few decades. Our graduate and post graduate programs have more foreign students than American.

A war is being waged for technology dominance and we are not always winning.Some foreign countries have long been powerhouses in technology. France has been a programming force for about 20 years. Has Airbus come to anyone’s vocabulary for aircraft? Here is a recent article that has meaning to this issue here

America has some of the finest schools in the world. Yet, we have at least 50% of graduate, post-graduate and doctoral seats taken by foreign students.  This has caused a brain drain of knowledge and skills that are taken abroad and used against our ability to continue to be world leaders in science and technology.

We have the genius and talent with the many people that make up our Citizens of America Fabric. They are overlooked for reasons that are often socio-economic. As a teacher, it was a shame to see an excellent student in science that could not pursue being a doctor because her widowed father was a city refuse driver. An excellent math student could not become a computer scientist because his parents only made $22K a year at entry-level jobs for their family of five.

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