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Diamonds of Genius

Diamonds of Genius

America is often depicted as experiencing a Brain Drain. Upper level programs have many more foreign students than American students. There are also self-taught geniuses that have ideas and are assets when paired to industries that can assist in development.

We have many undiscovered and unsupported Americans that can be our next innovators and leaders in every avenue of American life. We have fifty great United States in America that have geniuses. There are far more arts support than hard sciences.

Genius is not always a level of IQ (Intelligence Quotient). It can take many forms that shows the adaptability of the human spirit and desire to rise above challenges. We have talent in STEM occupations as well as Skilled Trades.

Assessment and investment can turn even humble beginnings into great accomplishments. Genius has attributes of traditional family, patriotism, faith, humility, good work ethics, entrepreneurship and service to others.

Help provide financial support to the men and women that are the future of our Great America.

Help make our American Diamonds in the Rough into Finished Jewels of Innovation, Productivity and Service.

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