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What is a Genius?

Most persons think of genius in terms of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) only. Genius IQ is typically a number of 160. There are different tests that have similar results. The results are based on that point in time with the age group. It should be noted that scores greater than 160 are calculated with additional factors to give a range that is not standardized.

Many factors make up genius, including drive and perseverance. As Albert Einstein was quoted that genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Intellect can only go so far.

Examples of need for perseverance: Einstein worked on some theories for decades and are still are not solved. Thomas Edison had over 2000 failures testing materials to find what worked to make the incandescent light bulb. Edison also put inspiration at 1% and perspiration at 99%. Genius is often lots of hard work.

Many of the great discoveries were made by persons below the 160 IQ. Elon Musk is projected to have an IQ of 155.

Are You Looking For the Next Ferid Murad, Seymour Cray, or William Norris?

There are many geniuses in the open that have not had assessments for intellect or occupational pursuits. Many have the desire but not the resources or the support.

Experience has shown that many people that know of their gifts often have responsibilities to family, or have attained Advanced Placement status, and not supported to pursue their calling. Living examples, such as in the movie Stand and Deliver, have been witnessed in the schools.

Are You Affiliated With Mensa?

No. Mensa is an organization where people can get together and exchange ideas in a variety of fields but usually excludes sciences.

It’s uses its own test for genius IQ and is not standardized. It is similar in format to the WAIS IQ test. Mensa states it is no substitute for tests that psychologists administer.

Does Genius Run in Families?

Without question there are many families that have generational members of high achievement. However, not every generation is gifted in the same way.

Many families have a gifted child, sibling, or other relative that has opportunity stymied from lack of resources and or support. Once these gifted citizens are supported, they are the beginning of other generations of gifted Americans.

Is Genius Always the Same?

No. There are many examples of persons that do not have an especially high IQ but do well in the academics, have an aptitude to investigate, that are needed or involved S.T.E.M., and significantly raise their IQ over time.

There are also persons that may have sociological-developmental issues that have high aptitude in S.T.E.M. fields. Some have autism and companies are realizing they can fit into work groups.

Are Geniuses Always Super Productive?

No. Some geniuses have a desire to learn but not apply their knowledge to solve problems or be an asset to Mankind.

What is the ACS Group?

It is a faith-based developmental organization that applies standardized principles of assessment and behavioral analysis for persons that have requisite background and skills to create, improve and further innovation to keep America ahead in the Sciences and Technologies.

What Makes the ACS Group Different From Other Organizations That Claim to be Developmental?

Other organizations mainly use statistics to plan needs.

The ACS Group’s plan is to actually use its funding to develop skilled persons.

There Appears to be an Elitist Attitude That Excludes the Importance of Other Professions That Are Also Critical to the Backbone of Society.

Not at all, Assessments can be used for many fields of importance in our daily lives that include:

  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • Teachers
  • Military Service
  • Social Workers
Why Does the United States Have Such a Shortage of Professionals in Critical Fields?

Unfortunately, many businesses treat these highly educated persons as if they can be easily replaced.

S.T.E.M. Disciplines are often more challenging and have more rigorous electives than regular humanities and administrative degrees.

Most undergraduate degrees can be completed with 120 – 128 Semester Hours.

Many critical degrees require between 151 – 183 Semester Hours. This results in an average of five years to complete an undergraduate degree and six to seven years to complete a graduate degree. Demand greatly outstrips supply,

What Would the ACS Group Do to Help Reduce this Professional Disposal Business Attitude?

Personnel that are no longer needed for projects can be assessed and referred to other companies.

This assessment can go beyond what Human Resources personnel can legally offer.

Be an impartial resource for businesses that have a variety of mindsets that inhibit their acquisition.

  • Over reliance for recruitment of new graduates from a small number of institutions.
  • Belief that only local institutions have quality graduates.
  • Misconception that mature candidates have no creativity left or have poor health.
  • Many of our greatest discoveries have been made by mature scientists because they have understood the 90% – 99% of genius is hard work.
  • These professionals are also more adept at presentation, workflow and interpersonal skills.
  • Surveys have shown that mature citizens have lower absenteeism and therefore disperse poor health perceptions.
Does the ACS Group Use ACT and SAT Evaluations?

No. Many colleges are realizing these tests have little effect on graduation outcomes.

  • The ACT measures academic learning, usually during or completion of K-12 grades.
  • The SAT is an aptitude measurement of verbal ability and four areas (English, Math, Reading and Sciences). There is an optional fifth test section for writing.
Is There a Method That Makes the ACS Group Way More effective?

Yes. We believe that all persons are the gift of a Creator God and have been given certain spiritual gifts to be used to help others.

Following God’s rules instills discipline to avoid behaviors that have shown to be destructive in person, to others and moral character.

Is There a Reason Persons of Faith Perform Better?

One example is about 65% of America’s Nobel Laureates have a belief in God.

What is unfortunate is about 38% of these winners are not Americans.

This is why there is a critical need to uplift Americans of Faith to our graduate and postgraduate schools and have them in the government funded research programs in our universities.

FBO is Listed as Part of the ACS Group. What is a FBO?

FBO stands for Faith Based Organization. An organization that believes in a Creator and Holy Trinity that has established laws for living.

The ACS Group is not affiliated with any one faith or religious sect as God had not said any one faith represents his Church.

There are certain legal exemptions given to Faith Based Organizations.

Is it a Requirement to Belong to a Church?

Only permanent staff have to be affiliated and in good standing with a church.

Is There Preaching or Religious Study?

Prayer is a part of faith and a part of practicing Godly Faith.

Joining and being involved in the study of God’s Word is encouraged.

Are There Writings or Teachings That Are Not Allowed?

Yes. Writings or teachings are not allowed for the following:

  • Any writing that states one person is inferior to another because of their belief.
  • Any writing that has altered God’s Word to make it fit a particular faith.
  • Any writing of Scripture that is authored by one person. Scripture must be a Spiritual concurrence of two or more persons and scholars.
  • Teachings that blasphemy God’s Word based on doctrine created by man.

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