The above shows education as a critical need for training and developing our future technology workplaces. As the recent Amazon outage has vividly portrayed, businesses cannot all have their heads in the clouds. Traditional mainframe infrastructure still serves a purpose. Larger businesses and governments rely on these systems to accumulate the information that provides daily financial services, social programs administration, research and security, among dozens of other functions. We, as a Country, are rapidly losing our legacy knowledge to maintain and transition these systems.

Many of these professionals have a desire to pass on their expertise as guest teachers in our K12 education and adjunct staff in higher education. However, as personally seen and experienced, our K12 system’s teachers have a high disdain for experienced professionals. Their concerns fall in deaf ears and do not receive support from the school administration.

Engineering, Science, Business and Technology professionals are typically demeaned, professionally harassed as not being qualified, overly burdened with tasks that the “qualified” teacher does not know how to do, and often leave teaching. These professionals range up to the doctorate level. Interaction with several hundred teachers and thousands of students cannot be given light value.

What is evident is the frustration of S.T.E.M. teachers that have shown the insight to assist young minds. Because many are on Title I and Title II schools, these are overlooked in our communities. America would not have significant discoveries if not for the works of George Washington Carver, Maurice Hilleman and many others that had very spare resources.

The solution is a more blended teaching staff and administration that have professionals with full degrees and experience. With these professionals integrated in the school system, businesses would have greater confidence supporting the educational product. All the professionals encountered stated the educational certification process was complete in less than one year.

Advanced Education

With rare exception, breakthrough scientific discoveries are made from scientists at the graduate and doctoral levels. Our American Graduate Schools have been overtaken predominantly with foreign students. With this foreign dominance, many patents, evolving research and leading innovations are leaving the United States when these students graduate.

Candidates can be assessed that are internally driven that have the intellect for accelerated learning. These are the candidates that can rapidly progress from the baccalaureate to doctoral programs. Feeder schools should not be counted out as candidates that excel in the ACT tests would be ahead in SAT preparation. ACT scores, with achievements in secondary schools, as well as IQ and behavioral assessment are more indicative. SAT are comparable to IQ tests but do not consider other important success factors.

Although the ACT has been used for over 60 years, and SAT has been used for over 100 years, these academic assessments compete against one another. Neither have evidence of making completion of a rigorous program certain. The SAT tests were designed by what are called IVY League Colleges and Universities as a screening instrument. ACT was designed by Iowa State University and is slowly being implemented on a national basis.

Before and since the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have realized these tests are not an indicator of success. Few colleges have made significant inroads of retention in the first two years. Especially in S.T.E.M. fields, it can be over 60% dropout. The next two years can claim up to 70% of the remaining. Many fall because of mathematics ability.

Schools are beginning the realization of the shortsightedness of ignoring many Americans that has diminished our graduation output but not realized the impact nationally.

Please help in regaining America’s Leadership and Innovations in the Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics fields.

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