Traveling around the country, and listening to unfiltered conversations on planes, shuttle buses and hotel
waiting areas, gives another perspective on specific subjects. One of those is education and the people
that have chosen it as a profession. Gaining an education degree, teaching in various venues,
supervising student teachers, as well as listening to the grumbling from junior teachers that had to
supervise student teachers, lays out some specific needs for improvement. It is an honorable
vocation and one the needs bolstering for respect from the business community and equivalency.

Education and jobs in our country


Many business conversations center on the incompleteness of teaching degrees, except for math and sciences. Experiential contact in industry is given below. Though not a scientific survey, it is a starting point for the argument of how comparative educator credentials are to real world practitioners.    

     1) STEM in schools cannot improve unless there are more professionals
     that go into teaching.     

     2) As is told about the definition of four sided objects, so too it goes for
     the sciences about teachers and professionals.

     3) Experience accounted for about one in six that successfully made it in
     the industrial world. Additional classes in design and engineering
     principles were needed.

     4) About one in four science professionals were found to be suited to go
     into education.

     5) Many teachers would be screened out of education curricula for the
     same reasons many cannot get into STEM related programs.

     6) Transplant teachers into industry have to spend at least two years on
     catch-up courses and have an experienced mentor to be successful.

     7) STEM professionals usually complete the needed 28 credit hours,
     that include student teaching, in about 11 months.     

We cannot have excellent educators with average stock. One of the nation’s largest school district’s assistant superintendent said that was the answer for their grow your own program. “The best teachers were found to be average students.”

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, then education professionals with colleges that have been around for over a century should know when change is needed.

A grant went out from the Arizona Board of Regents to see what made a great teacher. The ACS Group wrote the Board of Regents that this grant was a waste of taxpayer money. There are three public teacher colleges. Surely, the combined research was there for the asking. Several months later the grant was issued again. It was during this time that the Organization has published an article on its website of what are the attributes of a great teacher.

Education: Current vs Recommendation

1) The much lauded early childhood education are all lower division classes. Only one upper division class is required for an education Arts Major Degree.

2) Primary grades (K-3) would benefit from a full BS in psychology. Advantages include: 

     a) Ability to spot developmental learning problems earlier; 

     b) Intervene with parental enabling behavior that distracts child and takes time  away from other students; 

     c) better able to detect child abuse; 

     d) assist in behavioral modification.

3) Reduce the number of History and Social Studies teacher entries. This is the most overabundant field in teaching.

4) Reduce the bureaucracy for certification. It is unwieldly and has not displayed any education department with a grid layout.

5) All teachers need a complete four year degree with teaching.

Teamwork is extremely important in today’s environments. As a member of the technical community, I have seen first-hand how a little knowledge from a technology associate is leveraged to be the “only expert” on a given problem. No one has all the answers and sharing knowledge is extremely important. There has been notice of engineers that have not asked for assistance and caused multi-million dollar mistakes for major products.

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