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Executives receive many promotions about Six Sigma Black Belts, EI (Emotional Intelligence), Motivational Speakers and the People, Processes and Profit consultants.  Many of these companies do a
good job and lead companies to increasing efficiency and or profitability.  The fact remains, after all is said and done, it is after-the-fact repair work requiring an expense on the balance sheet, many times reviving what a company already knows and only wants validation.  Direct input and logical outputs are the focus.


How does this apply?

Questions to ask


Consultants are known to come in many different types: Management Consultants, Black Belt Six Sigma Consultants, Organizational Management Consultants, etc.  As executives, you have all been exposed to these groups and or persons that fall into one or more of these categories.  There are many good organizations and there is no intent to cloud the need or effectiveness of some of these groups.  Many executives are unaware of the need for each area.  Also, while there is respect for many certifications, these alone should not dictate the choice, as many are marketing tools and not a clear indicator of overall proficiency. Almost all have a system that is psychologically based with metrics of statistics. Few have the language to put the issues and solution processes in language the customer understands. That is the goal of the ACS Group to have professionals that serve the needs of the customer and revive the skills that are inherent in their organization.


"Here comes the suits!"

“Here come the suits” is the cry in most companies when management consultants are contracted to assist an organization section or company.  The experiences are clear from many professionals, and or rank-and-file, that consultants are there to “fix that problems” in the company or section responsible.  This is not the role of any consultant.  If it appears this is the intent or sales pitch, then this is the wrong service.  Bottom line, any consultant should be there as a facilitator that is looking through a window and giving feedback.


Black Belts

Why fix something thats not broken?

Statistical modeling is a definite plus for any business, that has tangible products.  Having worked in the manufacturing sector, it is a valuable tool in keeping critical tolerances in line and reducing problems after delivery.  Caution must also be in place for these consultants.  Many do have experience in given sectors and transferability is an asset where there are multiple disciplines and or industries.  This is not a generalization, but there are instances where a blank check is issued and massive disassembly takes place.

Organization Management

Approach personnel tools with caution

The context here is how different sections link to each other.  Often, these activities are related to human resources functions.  These typically are the people, process and profit consultants.  Having observed and worked with many of these consultants are versed in marketing and have backgrounds in sales.  Sometimes personnel evaluation tools are used but must be approached with caution. Others can almost be viewed as motivational speakers or act as adjunct trainers. The ACS Group uses proven behavioral principles from professionals that are trained in the behavioral sciences.

The Bottom Line...

Much of it is common sense and the ability to see the processes properly applied in a system.  Many times it is mearly getting the blinders off and seeing the world does not revolve around themselves or their particular section.  Application of the Theory of Constraints can often tell where the problem is.  Common sense and maybe a second opinion can be more effective than looking everywhere else.


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