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ACS Group is Ascending Career Solutions Group, Inc. It is an IRS registered 501(c) (3) FBO, NGO (Faith Based Organization, Non-Governmental Organization). It was established in 2005 A.D.

The ACS Group was previously a for-profit consulting company named Active Consulting Services in 1998. After seeing consulting in major technical businesses, it became apparent that many of the answers a company needed could be solved from within, as well as organizational issues noted.


The ACS Group in not directly affiliated with any Religious Sect but requires it operations staff to be members in good standing with a church that has a monotheistic faith.

It is the belief that all people have been created by God to serve one another and abide in a manner as written by God. The rules are covered in The Bible within the Old and New Testaments.

A statement of Faith is required by staff and those awarded training.

Persons receiving assistance are considered part of the ACS Group and are held to the same principles. Other than Godly faith being advocated, not outside group or cause advocacy is allowed.


When the Y2K and Tech Startup bubbles burst, thousands of highly qualified technical personnel became unemployed. Many sought assistance through government sponsored or affiliated development programs.

An interactive investigation into Federal Workforce history, programs, processes, achievement and success of the programs highlighted the intent, strengths and weaknesses of these programs. Programs Management through LWBs (Local Workforce Boards), at the State to Local levels were also interactively explored. Additionally, review of schools selection, percent completion and placement assistance was interactively reviewed. Interviews with LWB managements, support personnel and surveys of sponsored job fairs provided valuable information of system capabilities.

Ascending Career Solutions Group, Inc. found numerous issues that led to submission of a detailed report to the US Department of Labor (USDOL) that changed some elements of the entry process. Surveying the entry procedures demonstrated that a major step was taken that helped save valuable tax dollars and improves individual outcomes. Consultation with City of Phoenix and Maricopa County LWBs saved additional funds from purchasing video training materials that cited DOL approval against standard agency non-endorsement protocols.
Feeder systems to Higher Education were also an area of investigation. Unlike some organizations that suggest they are affiliated with education, and have only 1% to 2% retention after completion of the program. Actual classroom experience and teaching certificates were obtained within the ACS Group.

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